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ATI and NVIDIA Graphics Cards Recover Office 2010 Passwords

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 ATI  NVIDIA   Office 2010 March 2010. The new version of Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 3.5 harnesses the power of the latest graphics cards to recover lost Microsoft Office 2007 / Microsoft Office 2010 passwords at lightning-fast speeds. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 3.5 is the only tool that supports both NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards.

In the past month AccentSoft developed a new engine for Accent OFFICE Password Recovery, its tool for restoring passwords for Microsoft Office files. The company also set a new speed record for recovering Office 97-2003 passwords on a CPU.

Today AccentSoft is releasing Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 3.5, which uses ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards to recover Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 passwords. The tool runs on highly optimized code and can utilize all detected graphics cards simultaneously, providing an unprecedented boost in speed.

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is a unique tool for recovering Microsoft Office 2007/2010 passwords using ATI graphics cards with Stream/OpenCL technology. The ATI cards affordability and our tools scalability offer the optimal cost-effective solution for recovering Microsoft Office passwords.

You can buy four ATI 5770 graphics cards (about $170) for much less than a speed-comparable set of GeForce GTX295 graphics cards ($530). Password recovery using the top-of-the-line ATI 5970 reaches speeds impossible to achieve using existing NVIDIA cards. Heres a video that demonstrates the difference in speeds when using different graphics cards to recover Microsoft Office 2007 passwords:

By linking all a computers existing graphics cards into one unit, Accent OFFICE Password Recovery gives users top speeds for recovering Microsoft Office 2007/2010 passwords.

Licenses and Prices

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is guaranteed to run seamlessly on all current versions of Microsoft Windows, from Windows XP to Windows 7. The cost of a license depends on the number of graphics cards supported and starts at $60 for a Basic license.

About the AccentSoft Team

The AccentSoft Team has been developing software for the Windows environment since 1999 and specializes in password recovery solutions for popular file formats, digital image processing software and decryption of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word files. The companys most well-known products are Accent OFFICE Password Recovery and SnapTouch.

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