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Accent RAR Password Recovery 2: New Pro-Level Features

For Immediate Publication

Fast Recovery of RAR/WinRar Passwords April 2012. Passcovery Co. Ltd. announces the release of an updated version of Accent RAR Password Recovery, its recovery tool for lost RAR 3.x passwords. The program has been updated with a number of new features that broaden the range of its possible professional applications.

It is not uncommon for professionals to have specific requirements for tools that they use on a regular basis. Password recovery solutions are not an exception.

The new version of Accent RAR Password Recovery takes such requirements into account and efficiently meets them using newly-acquired features.

Once of the most common practical requirements voiced by nearly all IT professionals is command line support. Starting from this version, Accent RAR Password Recovery fully supports the command line. This makes access to program features easier and faster, since you dont need to use the programs GUI. All password recovery settings can be defined as command line parameters.

Password protection used in RAR archives is one of the strongest among similar programs. This makes password recovery a very resource-intensive task that requires the use of scrupulously selected sets of passwords. Accent RAR Password Recovery now supports user-defined scenarios of any complexity. The password attack logic is now also fully under the users control and is defined by priorities and partial knowledge of the structure of the lost password.

The resource-intensive nature of RAR password recovery is the reason why attacks based on dictionaries (storing sets of pre-generated passwords) are so popular. In professional hands, the size of these dictionaries may reach dozens of gigabytes, which may turn into a problem with some tools. Accent RAR Password Recovery features improved support of large dictionaries.

Ease of use is another important factor, and it has been fully taken care of in Accent RAR Password Recovery. The program combines an intuitive and minimalistic interface with professional RAR password recovery capabilities.

Licenses and Pricing

Accent RAR Password Recovery 2 works on any computer running Microsoft Windows (Windows XP - Windows 7). The cost of a license depends on the number of graphics cards supported and starts at $40 for a Basic license.

About Passcovery

Passcovery Co. Ltd. supplies high-speed, professional software solutions for recovering lost passwords. The first versions of these solutions were released in 1999. Today, the companys software is successfully used by law enforcement, government agencies, corporations and private individuals around the world.

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October 14, 2016 - AccentOPR 9.5: quick recovery of Microsoft Office/OpenOffice passwords is now supported by NVIDIA Pascal and the new AMD GCN GPU’s

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October 12, 2016 - AccentPPR 1.40: update to fast password cracking for Adobe PDF documents

October 11, 2016 - AccentRPR 3.60, AccentZPR 4.95: support was added for video cards NVIDIA Pascal (GeForce GTX 1070/1080) and AMD GCN latest generation (Radeon RX480)

April 19, 2016 - AccentRPR 3.51: we improved dictionary functions and overall made the program better


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