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Accent OFFICE Password Recovery CSE (Client Server Edition)

OFFICE Password Recovery CSE : Distributed password recovery Everyone who needs their passwords to Microsoft Excel or Word recovered have to face this problem – insufficient search speed while using one computer. Accelerate the recovery process of lost or forgotten passwords to your Microsoft Office documents by means of distributed computation in your companys local network. This is so easy!

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery CSE features a distributed password recovery system within a local network. Use the power of your network to the most while searching for a lost password.

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Recovering passwords to Microsoft Excel or Word docs requires quite powerful computational resources. In fact the process consists in successive checking all possible passwords within the range of certain values specified by a user. The wider the range and the less productive the system is the longer it will take to recover the password.

We provide a solution capable of accelerating the productivity of your system and thus reducing recovery period of lost passwords to Excel/Word documents. The solution is – Accent OFFICE Password Recovery CSE. It has a client/server infrastructure.

With a few mouse clicks you can arrange and start a whole search mechanism within your corporate network in order to find the lost password. As many computers can be involved as you like. And all of them will be working on one task managed by Accent OFFICE Password Recovery CSE.

Principles of operation

The only operating principle of the client/server technology is the following: the local network consists of one server-program and several client applications. Being interconnected they interact within one common task. The server determines status of the current task, evaluates its progress and provides clients with new data for computing.

We tried to make Accent OFFICE Password Recovery CSE extremely simple and user-friendly. The way to effective operation is short and involves a few easy steps:

  • start the first copy of the software in the companys network;
  • set the password recovery task;
  • start the rest of the software copies on other computers in the local network;
  • Enter "File" in menus of client software and choose "Connect to server";
  • Congratulations! The system has been started and is working for successful result.

On receiving the connection command Accent OFFICE Password Recovery CSE shifts to client mode and searches the local network for an operating server distributing the task. Once such server is found the client starts processing the data received and coordinates its work with the server. In case of disconnection the client application shifts to the autonomous operation mode and proceeds searching for a password.

The more computers there are involved in the process the more its likely that youll find the password using this technology.

License and price

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery CSE is distributed as shareware (on the try-before-buy basis) and has a trial version. Its a full-function edition with unrestricted period of usage and only one limitation: the maximum length of a recovered password is four characters.

For an unlimited access you have to register the software. The registration fee of Accent OFFICE Password Recovery CSE depends on the number of workstation computers intended for operation as a complex.

The basic license fee is $. The basic license includes operation Accent OFFICE Password Recovery CSE with three connected workstations. That is the basic license allows computer transactions of up to four computers simultaneously: one server and three connected clients.

The license fee for each successively connected workstation is $.

Special offer!

During the beta testing campaign held at present we are making a special offer. You have a unique possibility to get a full edition of Accent OFFICE Password Recovery CSE with an unlimited number of connections at a special price.

All you need is register your beta version during the offer period. While in the beta-testing the software is available at a special, reduced price: $ for the version with unlimited number of connections. Be the first to evaluate new features of Accent OFFICE Password Recovery CSE.

Quick Info

Latest version 1.00 beta (от 20 Мая 2009)
+ a new Microsoft Office password recovery tool based on task distribution system is being beta tested right now.

Size: 797 Kb
Platform: Windows Vista and earlier versions of Windows



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