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Excel VBA password

Lost an Excel VBA password? Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is a magic wand for recovering forgotten VBA passwords.

You are in trouble: you have a forgotten password and no access to your VBA macro. Right?

Want to be a wizard, wave your magic wand and rewrite this story? NO forgotten Excel VBA password, ONLY access to your macro...

Great! We'll give you this magic wand...

So: Excel VBA password... and our magic wand.


Accent OFFICE Password Recovery

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery recovers Excel VBA passwords instantly! The successful result is guaranteed right after you run the task.

Start Accent OFFICE Password Recovery, open your Excel document in the program and click the green Start button.

That is all that you need to remember in order to access a password-protected VBA macro again. And to access it again instantly.

Do you think it is too little for a magic wand? But that's not all. You also get:

  • support for Microsoft Access, Excel, Word 6/95/97/2000/XP/2003 documents;
  • recovery for passwords to open Microsoft Office documents;
  • recovery for password to modify Office documents (instantly!);
  • recovery for passwords to unprotect Excel sheets (in several seconds);
  • instant recovery for Microsoft Access database passwords;
  • recovery for VBA passwords in Microsoft Office documents (instantly!);


Lost an Excel VBA password? Now you know what to do about it...

Right! Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is a magic wand for recovering forgotten VBA passwords. We created it particularly for you. Use it!

Download the demo version, spend some time and evaluate the features of the program.

Do not waste time! Buy the full version of Accent OFFICE Password Recovery right now and use the entire power of the program to achieve your goal – find your Excel VBA password.


We recommend that you use our complex product – Accent OFFICE Password Recovery. Its features are the same, but the list of supported documents is larger. Microsoft Access, Excel, Word. Buy with 13% discount (Coupon Code : DISC-OAV1).

Quick Info

Latest version: 9.6 (November 8, 2017)
+ instant removal of simple-protection passwords (passwords for workbooks, sheets, VBA passwords) from Microsoft Word files and Microsoft Excel 2013/16 spreadsheets
+ extended list of graphics cards based on the GPUs: NVIDIA GP100/NVIDIA GK210
+ a new option enables to delete cached encryption keys and passwords
! all the found bugs have been eliminated

Size: 10832 Kb - x86
       Kb - x64

Platform: Microsoft WindowsWindows 10/8/7/Vista and earlier versions of Windows

OFFICE Password Recovery supports ATI Stream OFFICE Password Recovery supports NVIDIA CUDA


OFFICE Password Recovery : main window OFFICE Password Recovery : task setup window
     Main window            Task Setup


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