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You can download any Password Recovery Tool for a free trial, but demo versions are limited to passwords of 4 characters in length. All programs offered here are shareware. You must register your copy to get full functionality.

Accent ZIP Password Recovery 4.7 Download x86
(7280 Kb)
Download x64
(8604 Kb)
Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 9.21 Download x86
(9308 Kb)
Download x64
(10896 Kb)
Accent RAR Password Recovery 3.2 Download x86
(11976 Kb)
Download x64
(13592 Kb)
Accent PDF Password Recovery 1.1 Download x86
(6928 Kb)
Download x64
(8096 Kb)
Accent ACCESS Password Recovery 2.10 Download x86
(643 Kb)
Accent EXCEL Password Recovery 7.7 Download x86
(7420 Kb)
break word passwords Accent WORD Password Recovery 7.7 Download x86
(6940 Kb)
crack internet passwords Accent Internet Password Recovery 1.00 Download x86
(726 Kb)
hack money password Accent Money Password Recovery 2.0 beta 1 Download x86
(468 Kb)
cut website keywords Accent Keyword Extractor 1.00 beta 2 Download x86
(337 Kb)


Apr 17, 2014 - AccentPPR 1.1: Internal algorithms for Adobe PDF password search have been optimized

Apr 8, 2014 - AccentZPR 4.7: Added support for the NVIDIA Maxwell GPU architecture

Apr 7, 2014 - AccentOPR 9.2: Microsoft Office/OpenOffice password recovery using NVIDIA Maxwell video cards

Apr 4, 2014 - AccentRPR 3.2: more time savings, multivolume archives and new NVIDIA Maxwell GPUs

Apr 2, 2014 - AccentEPR 7.7 and AccentWPR 7.7 updates for April are available

Jan 31, 2014 - AccentZPR 4.6, AccentOPR 9.1, AccentRPR 3.1: Now runs on AMD Radeon™ R7/R9 Series GPUs