Excel VBA Password Recovery

Accent EXCEL Password Recovery instantly recovers or deletes any VBA password for Microsoft Excel 95-2013 spreadsheets

  • Works with Excel 95-2013 spreadsheets
  • 100% guaranteed success when recovering VBA passwords
  • Recovery of passwords to open Excel spreadsheets and other types of encryption

Lost your password to access Excel VBA macros?

Use the top-quality tool for instant Excel VBA password recovery! AccentEPR recovers passwords of any complexity for any version of Excel.

Support for Excel

Recovers VBA passwords, passwords to open and other passwords for Excel 95-2013


Instant Excel VBA password recovery, no matter how long or complex the password

Guaranteed Success

100% guarantee – the software will recover access to password-protected Excel VBA macros


AccentEPR Saves Time at Every Stage!

The software doesn’t just recover Excel VBA passwords instantly when you open a file with VBA macros inside. It also has an extremely simple interface that gets you up and running right away. Everything is intuitive and easy to use:

Looking for Excel VBA Password Recovery?

The fastest and best tool is Accent EXCEL Password Recovery!

What happens when you lose passwords for an Excel file

Watch this short video on the unique features of AccentEPR that recover Excel passwords. The software recovers Excel VBA passwords instantly!

User Feedback

AccentEPR has attracted lots of grateful users since it first debuted in 2001:

“Great software! I was able to retrieve an Excel 2010 lost password very quickly using a dictionary attack.”

Rom Campos

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Accentsoft broke the password for me. Thank you so much!”

Madeleine Sann

“In a few words: Great Application!!! You've saved me, thanks a lot!!!”

Jean Werdefroy

Pricing — Choose Your License

Accent EXCEL Password Recovery comes with different licenses depending on where you plan to use the software — at home or at work:

Home License

for home use ONLY

40 $ per license

Supports all versions of Microsoft Excel

Instantly deletes several types of passwords

Automatically recovers passwords

Improved password search

Business License

for business use

60 $ per license

Supports all versions of Microsoft Excel

Instantly deletes several types of passwords

Automatically recovers passwords

Improved password search

Decryption of Password-Protected Excel Files

Did you know that if you lose the password to open an Excel/Word 97-2003 file you don’t have to recover the actual password?

Decrypting the file is a lot quicker!

You get an exact copy of your original document, just without the password protection.

Decryption success is always guaranteed, no matter how long or complex the lost password is!

You can decrypt any Excel/Word 97-2003 file that uses 40-bit encryption.

Decrypt Excel 97-2003 File

GPU Excel Password Recovery

Excel 2007-2010-2013 files can’t be decrypted, but there is a way to save time when recovering a lost password.

Simply leverage the power of AMD or NVIDIA graphics cards.

Depending on your system’s equipment (CPU and GPU), you may be able to recover the same Excel password more than ten times faster using GPU computing!

Here’s an example of how fast you can recover a Excel 2013 password using either a four-core CPU (Intel i7-2630QM) or an AMD HD6770M GPU:

You can see that using the GPU recovers the PowerPoint password FOUR times faster. So if it would take 10 days to recover the password on a CPU, even a mid-range GPU would deliver results in less than three days.

That’s a big difference! Now it should be obvious why it makes so much sense to use graphics cards to recover Excel 2007-2010-2013 passwords!

Support for boosted GPU recovery of Excel passwords is also a feature of our universal solution,
Accent OFFICE Password Recovery

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