Crack Word password

In case you've lost or forgotten a password to an Microsoft Word document there's only one thing we can tell you: Crack Word password!


What to begin with? With the most important: Choose the functional tool.

With our solution - Accent WORD Password Recovery you get are the three attack types for cracking ms word passwords:

  • Brute force attack
  • Masked brute force attack
  • Dictionary Attack

And some advanced features.

Password recovery

Crack Word password to modify instantly. That's the peculiarity of Microsoft Word protection. We know about it and you get the most of it.

In order to crack Word Password to Open it'll require the total power of your computer and our exquisite solutions:

  • Automated password recovery
  • Configurable password recovery scenarios
  • Password mutation rules


So, we offer you the line of Microsoft Office password cracking solutions:

  • Accent WORD Password Recovery for Microsoft Word 95-2021 documents only
  • Accent OFFICE Password Recovery for all the above mentioned formats (Access-Excel-PowerPoint-Word & OpenOffice)

And remember: In case you forgot your passwords for your doc/docx files – you can try to crack Word password!

break office documents Take a look at our “all-in-one” Accent OFFICE Password Recovery tool: recover lost or forgotten password to documents created in the latest versions of main Microsoft Office applications: Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

Quick Info

Latest version: 23.03 от 1 Марта 2023

  • support for Microsoft Word 2021 documents
  • internal code enhancements
  • full Windows 11 compatibility

Size: 7652 Kb

: Microsoft Windows 7 supportedWindows 11/10 and earlier versions of Windows


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