We invite you to become an Passcovery partner and resell Accent Password Recovery solutions in your region.

Advantages of partnering with Passcovery:

  • Give your clients access to one of the best password recovery solutions with support for GPU computing
  • Offer the solution with the best price/speed balance
  • Appeal to a wide variety of consumers: forensics, courts, law enforcement, business and private users
  • Take advantage of flexible discounts for Passcovery partners

If you are interested in partnering with Passcovery, please contact our Partner Relations Manager.

Why GPU computing?

GPU computing is a promising technology for achieving maximum computational speed when recovering a certain type of password. In terms of speed, modern graphics cards far surpass the latest processors and even hardware accelerators like Tableau. Passcovery solutions run on AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards.

What is the price/speed balance?

Running Windows on AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards gives you the advantage of scalability and interchangeability. And while graphics cards keep getting faster, their prices keep going down. All these factors make universal GPU solutions much less expensive than special hardware accelerators. Passcovery solutions support up to four graphics cards in any combination and can detect newly installed or updated graphics cards.

What gives Passcovery solutions their broad appeal?

Recovering lost passwords is a problem that all kinds of users encounter. Passcovery's licensing policy has attractive options for everyone from home users to forensics, courts and law enforcement agencies.

What partner discounts are available?

Passcovery maintains unique relationships with each of its partners. We are open to discussing the terms that would make you a satisfied Passcovery partner. Contact our Partner Relations Manager to get the discussion rolling.

RegNow Affiliate Solution

If you own a web site, a blog, a mailing list, or have other access to groups of users, you can participate in distributing our software.

Our affiliate network is based on the technologies of the RegNow company. All you have to do to start selling our software is create an account at the RegNow site and send us a request to make a partnership agreement. In turn, we will estimate the size of your commission fee and confirm your right to sell our products. Following confirmation, you can get a percentage for each copy of our software sold through you as our affiliate.

Take a virtual tour at RegNow!


Passcovery update 23.03 is out now: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40/AMD RX 7000, advanced GPU acceleration and other benefits

The new release brings an updated line of Windows programs for password recovery supporting GPU acceleration. What has been added is support for the latest families of graphics cards, improved password recovery on the highest end GPUs and boosted brute force attack on passwords with SHA512 encryption algorithms. 02.03.23

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