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Users of our password recovery tools often ask where they can get dictionaries that could help them save time by employing dictionary attacks. We have always offered only one dictionary of English words. You could also download some more dictionaries from other sites on the Internet. Now you have a better option. Accent Keyword Extractor will help you create your own dictionary in any language in a matter of minutes.

Here is how it works: the program loads a page from the Internet, extracts all unique words found on that page and adds them to the dictionary. Then it follows all links found on the page and extracts words from the linked pages as well. The procedure is repeated for every linked page until the program runs out of links or you stop it. So, you can just feed the Accent Keyword Extractor an URL of some Web site, and it will give you the dictionary containing all words found on that site. The words within the dictionary will be sorted alphabetically and by length.

Now we can see at least one important area of application for that technology: creation of dictionaries that could be used with our password recovery software. If you have any other ideas how the program could be used, please share them with us.

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Version: 1.00 beta2 (06/02/2003)

Size: 337Kb

Licence: freeware

Platform: 95/98/NT4/2000/Me/XP


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