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Passcovery Co. Ltd. released its first high-speed, professional software solutions for recovering lost passwords in 1999. Today, the company’s software is successfully used by law enforcement, government agencies, corporations and private individuals around the world.


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March 2, 2023: Passcovery update 23.03 is out now: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40/AMD RX 7000, advanced GPU acceleration and other benefits
January 28, 2022: Passcovery Password Recovery Software Updated to Version 22.01.
October 2, 2020: Passcovery announces a global update of its entire line of password recovery solutions with a new unified index – 20.09
March 5, 2020: New versions of Passcovery password recovery solutions are out now
October 15, 2018: AccentPPR 1.5: the finale of the big October update
October 12, 2018: Updated AccentRPR 3.7 Is Out
October 11, 2018: AccentZPR 5 is out
October 8, 2018: AccentOPR (including AccentEPR and AccentWPR) is Out Now
November 21, 2016. Passcovery Updates a Family of Programs For Password Recovery on Videocards (.PDF, .DOC)
April 8, 2014. GPU Password Recovery from Passcovery for all NVIDIA Maxwell Graphics Cards (.PDF, .DOC)
April 4, 2014. Accent RAR Password Recovery Updates: more time savings, multivolume RAR archives and new GPUs (.PDF, .DOC)
November 6, 2013. Passcovery Password Recovery: Top Speeds Now Available for PDFs (.PDF, .DOC)
September 30, 2013. Password Recovery from Passcovery: More Formats, More Speed (.PDF, .DOC)
April 12, 2013. New Updates to GPU Password Recovery Solutions (.PDF, .DOC)
April 10, 2013. Accent RAR Password Recovery 2.3: More Functions, More Features (.PDF, .DOC)
April 8, 2013. AccentOPR 8.1: New NVIDIA Graphics Cards and New Password Search Features (.PDF, .DOC)
November 14, 2012. Consistently better ZIP/RAR password search in Windows 8 x64 (.PDF, .DOC)
November 9, 2012. Recovery of Microsoft Office 2013 passwords is more affordable now (.PDF, .DOC)
October 23, 2012. AccentOPR 8: Comprehensive New Features (.PDF, .DOC)
July 4, 2012. The GPU password recovery you know and love, now on the new NVIDIA 6XX cards (.PDF, .DOC)
April 12, 2012. Successful password recovery is now possible without a GUI (.PDF, .DOC)
April 4, 2012. Accent RAR Password Recovery 2: New Pro-Level Features (.PDF, .DOC)
December 22, 2011. Accent Solutions Show Amazing Speeds in Intel Test (.PDF, .DOC)
December 6, 2011. Professional 64-bit password recovery for Office/Rar/Zip (.PDF, .DOC)
November 25, 2011. Optimized Password Recovery with AMD Bulldozer (.PDF, .DOC)
September 27, 2011. Accent ZIP Password Recovery 3: When Results Matter (.PDF, .DOC)
September 21, 2011. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 6: Total Improvement (.PDF, .DOC)
September 13, 2011. Unique Solution Recovers Lost RAR Passwords (.PDF, .DOC)
September 7, 2011. Effective Password Recovery for Everyone (.PDF, .DOC)
December 29, 2010. Recover ZIP Passwords the Fast, Smart Way (.PDF, .DOC)
November 27, 2010. Find Passwords More than Twice as Fast! (.PDF, .DOC)
October 5, 2010. Professional Password Recovery for Microsoft Office (.PDF, .DOC)
June 16, 2010. Use NVIDIA Fermi to Recover MS Office and OpenOffice Passwords (.PDF, .DOC)
May 13, 2010. Fast Recovery of WinZip Passwords (.PDF, .DOC)
April 22, 2010. Solution for Lost OpenOffice and MS Office Passwords (.PDF, .DOC)
March 24, 2010. ATI and NVIDIA Graphics Cards Recover Office 2010 Passwords (.PDF, .DOC)
December 01, 2009. Remove Excel Passwords? Anyone Can Do It!
November 24, 2009. New MS Word Password Cracker 10 Times Faster
September 01, 2009. Retrieve Passwords Faster With Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 3
August 25, 2008. Lost your password to Microsoft Office docs? Cheer up! It's not a problem
April 21, 2008. Lost or forgotten password for opening a Microsoft document is no longer a problem with an Accent OFFICE Password Recovery
November 09, 2007. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery: An "Open Sesame" for Password Protected MS Office Documents
November 13, 2006. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery Version 2.5: New Version of Popular Password Recovery Software for MS Office Files Now Available
January 16, 2006. Accent Internet Password Recovery : Instantly recover passwords from your web browser, Outlook, Outlook Express, any other e-mail or FTP client software and more...
September 19, 2005. No need to be a hacker to recover a lost password from an Office document. New version Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 2.30 released.
September 12, 2005. Accent EXCEL Password Recovery 2.30 released. Breaking Excel passwords is as easy as a pie!
April 27, 2005. New version of Accent OFFICE Password Recovery - new capabilities for password recovery
March 16, 2005. AccentSoft Team Updates Password Recovery Tools Site
April 2004. AccentSoft Team released Accent Office Password Recovery 2.11


Passcovery update 23.03 is out now: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40/AMD RX 7000, advanced GPU acceleration and other benefits

The new release brings an updated line of Windows programs for password recovery supporting GPU acceleration. What has been added is support for the latest families of graphics cards, improved password recovery on the highest end GPUs and boosted brute force attack on passwords with SHA512 encryption algorithms. 02.03.23

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