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December 2009. The AccentSoft Team has released Accent EXCEL Password Recovery 3.0 – the latest version of its password recovery software for Microsoft Excel 97-2007 files. With password recovery up to ten times faster, expanded capabilities and a refined graphic interface, anyone can become an Excel password remover.

Accent EXCEL Password Recovery 3.0 from the AccentSoft Team is up to ten times faster than previous versions at cracking passwords to open Microsoft Excel 97-2003 files with 40-bit encryption.

The password recovery algorithm has been significantly optimized, boosting recovery speeds by a factor of up to ten depending on the processor used.

Get almost instant recovery of Microsoft Excel protect sheet passwords and VBA passwords with Accent EXCEL Password Recovery 3.0.

In addition to faster recovery, Accent EXCEL Password Recovery 3.0 uses two unique technologies, Advanced Mask Composer and Advanced Dictionary Manager, for more effective mask and dictionary attacks that save you time on password recovery.

The latest version recovers passwords to Microsoft Excel 97-2003 files and Excel 2007 files saved in compatibility mode with Microsoft Excel 97-2003.

Become an Excel password remover in no time! The simple graphic interface and Create Task Wizard in Accent EXCEL Password Recovery 3.0 make it easy to learn the program quickly, even for beginners.

Pricing and availability

Accent EXCEL Password Recovery 3.0 is proven to work with all current versions of Microsoft Windows, from Windows 7 all the way back to Windows 95. A home use license costs $30 and a corporate license costs $40.

About the AccentSoft Team

The AccentSoft Team has been developing software for Windows since 1999. AccentSoft specializes in password recovery for popular file formats and digital photo processing. The Team’s most popular products are Accent OFFICE Password Recovery and SnapTouch.

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