AccentOPR 8.1: New NVIDIA Graphics Cards and New Password Search Features

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Great update - Accent OFFICE Password Recovery, 8.1 April 2013. Passcovery Ltd. has released updates to its high-speed solution for recovering Microsoft Office and OpenOffice passwords. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 8.1 runs on the latest NVIDIA graphics cards – GeForce GTX Titan & Tesla K20/K20X (NVIDIA Kepler GK110 architecture) and includes a user-friendly Password Mutation Rules Editor for customizing dictionary attacks.

Lightning-fast password recovery is what sets Accent OFFICE Password Recovery apart from competing solutions, and every update focuses on enhancing speed. This time, the software has several new features.

Support for NVIDIA Kepler GK110 Architecture

NVIDIA has developed a new architecture that makes the GeForce GTX Titan graphics card a fantastic choice for password recovery tasks when top speed is essential. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 8.1 was updated specifically to take advantage of NVIDIA’s new architecture.

AccentOPR is fully compatible with graphics cards that use NVIDIA Kepler GK110 architecture and demonstrates top speeds recovering Microsoft Office and OpenOffice passwords on the GeForce GTX Titan, Tesla K20 and Tesla K20X graphics cards.

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Password Mutation Rules Editor

When creating passwords, most users still use variations of familiar words and expressions, such as the names of pets and relatives or meaningful dates and events. For this reason, dictionary attacks are usually the fastest path to recovering a lost password.

During a dictionary attack, Accent OFFICE Password Recovery can mutate passwords taken from dictionaries using user-defined rules.

To make password mutation easier, we added a Password Mutation Rules Editor to our latest version of AccentOPR.

While you are creating and editing rules, the Password Mutation Rules Editor shows you what your results will look like using test words. By using the Editor to create customized rules, you can get qualitatively new results when searching for Microsoft Office and OpenOffice passwords.

About NVIDIA Kepler GK110 Architecture

The GK110 Kepler graphics processor is the top GPU from NVIDIA. It was originally used in the Tesla family of professional accelerators, but today it’s widely available in the GeForce GTX Titan graphics card.

The Kepler GK110 has improved logic for handling integer calculations and better productivity when working with double-precision floating-point numbers. Compared to GK10x architecture, the changes in GK110 are significant, especially for password recovery. The new architecture can more than double password recovery speeds!

About Dictionary Attacks

The dictionary is a regular text file containing a list of words. These can be the names of people, movie characters, pet names, everyday words and expressions. What’s important about the dictionary is that it can hold the lost password to an important document.

In a dictionary attack, a program like Accent OFFICE Password Recovery goes down the list and checks to see if each word is the missing password or not. If a word fails, it checks the next word – and so on until the end of the list.

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Passcovery Co. Ltd. is a supplier of high-speed professional password recovery solutions, including solutions specially tailored to deliver top performance on AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards. We first released our software in 1999; today our solutions are used by law enforcement, governments and corporations, as well as by home users around the world.

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