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Fast Recovery of WinZip Passwords December 2010. Passcovery Co. Ltd. announces the release of Accent ZIP Password Recovery 2.0, the high-speed solution for recovering lost passwords to ZIP archives with ZIP/classic and WinZip AES encryption. Version 2.0 clocks amazing speeds on Intel and AMD processors and accelerates up to 60 times faster on ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards. Free trial of the demo version of Accent ZIP Password Recovery 2.0 available today!

The most popular file compression standard, ZIP archives are everywhere – home users, businesses, government and law enforcement have all come to rely on ZIP technology. Users frequently protect their compressed data with a password, which is a good idea until the password gets lost and the problems start...

Passcovery Co. Ltd. has the solution to lost ZIP archive passwords: Accent ZIP Password Recovery, 2.0.

Version 2.0 supports more types of ZIP encryption. Now, in addition to the hard-to-crack WinZIP AES, Accent ZIP Password Recovery 2.0 supports the more widespread classic ZIP encryption that is used by other archive software, such as 7Zip, PKZIP and WinRAR.

The advantages of having access to both types of encryption are obvious as soon as you start to recover a lost password. Accent ZIP Password Recovery 2.0 demonstrates lightning-fast speeds on all modern AMD and Intel processors. The reason is targeted code optimization that adapts to the strengths and weaknesses of processors for the best possible performance.

Government and law enforcement agencies require the kinds of top speeds that are only available using GPU computing. Accent ZIP Password Recovery 2.0 supports two competing technologies: ATI Stream and NVIDIA CUDA. The program runs on all ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards, boosting ZIP password recovery speeds by a factor of up to 60 compared to recovery on a CPU.

Licenses and Pricing

Accent ZIP Password Recovery 2.0 is tested and guaranteed to run on all current versions of Microsoft Windows, from Windows XP to Windows 7. The cost of a license depends on the number of graphics cards supported and starts at $40 for a Basic license.

About the Company

Passcovery Co. Ltd. is the new owner of the AccentSoft project, developer of password recovery software since 1999. Our experience has shown that large corporations, law enforcement and home users all need a fast, quality solution to the problem of lost passwords. Today, they have the Accent Password Recovery suite to make powerful password recovery look easy.

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Passcovery Password Recovery Software Updated to Version 22.01.

New features include Windows 11 compatibility, Microsoft Office 2021 support, and improved interoperability with AMD GPUs/APUs. Jan 28, 2022

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