An "Open Sesame" For Password Protected MS Office Documents

November 2007

AccentSoft Team announces the release of version 2.60 of Accent OFFICE Password Recovery, a handy password recovery tool for documents created in MS Office from 6.0 up to 2003. The company is also offering the new versions of Accent EXCEL Password Recovery and Accent WORD Password Recovery. All tools have rich options for mask and dictionary-based attacks.

Some users lock their MS Office documents only to find a few days later that a note with the password has been lost or the password has slipped out of your memory. Either way, if you find yourself in the situation when you can't open a password protected MS Office document, Accent OFFICE Password Recovery will help you to recover it as quickly as possible. Its friendly interface makes it simple and fine adjustments - effective.

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is all about speed and convenience. It is organized in a wizard-driven way allowing you to quickly define what type of a password search is an optimal choice for your case. The tool offers three types of password retrieval methods. In addition to simple brute-force attack, you can make use of brute-force with mask and dictionary-based attacks. The last two types can noticeably reduce the search time.

With the mask search method, you can take advantage of everything you remember about the password. You can precisely describe the range of possible values individually for each position. If you are sure that the lost password isn't a line of random values, then a dictionary-based attack will save your time. Even if the password contains typos, wrong case letters, or accidental ending digits, you can set the smart tool to take it into account and search for this kind of variations. Also it can use many dictionaries with automatic switching to the next one.

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is of great help for quick password recovery. With high search speed and well organized search methods, this tool won't take much time to recover open-type passwords for any MS Office document. To see the full list of features and get a free trial, please visit

Pricing and Availability
Accent OFFICE Password Recovery runs under all versions of Microsoft Windows and costs $50 (USD) for a single home-user license. Accent EXCEL Password Recovery and Accent WORD Password Recovery cost $25 (USD) each. Licensed customers are entitled to the fully-functional version of the product, free technical support and free upgrades. Additional information on the products, as well as their free trial copies are available free of charge from

About AccentSoft Team
The company was founded in 1999 and specializes in password recovery software for Microsoft Office documents. The company is also the author of SnapTouch, software for digital camera owners. For more information, please visit

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