Consistently better ZIP/RAR password search in Windows 8 x64

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Fast Recovery of Rar/Zip Passwords November 2012. Passcovery announces the release of new versions of two secure-password recovery applications, Accent RAR Password Recovery 2.2 and Accent ZIP Password Recovery 4.3. Both applications better support the AVX instruction set and are fully compatible with the new Windows 8 x64.

Passcovery, a leader in the market of high-speed solutions for GPU-accelerated password recovery, is announcing the update of two applications for recovering passwords for RAR and ZIP archives. Both x32 and x64 versions have been updated.

Accent RAR Password Recovery 2.2 and Accent ZIP Password Recovery 4.3 follow the principle on which all Passcovery products are based — the highest speed of password search on any computer. Our applications can run in CPU-only and GPU-accelerated modes.

In this release of Accent RAR Password Recovery and Accent ZIP Password Recovery, we have improved the support for the AVX instruction set used in Intel Sandy Bridge, Intel Ivy Bridge, AMD Bulldozer, and AMD Piledriver.

A relatively new instruction set for state-of-the-art CPUs, AVX enables faster search for ZIP and RAR passwords.

Now Accent RAR Password Recovery and Accent ZIP Password Recovery are fully compatible with Windows 8 x64. Using native 64-bit application versions further increases the speed of password search.

The use of highly secure encryption schemes in modern archives to protect the user’s data means that you need huge computing power and a lot of time to recover a forgotten ZIP or RAR password.

Passcovery’s software solutions let you recover lost passwords much faster.

Users are invited to try out the new versions of AccentRPR and AccentZPR for themselves. The Accent download page offers a free demo version compatible with all major versions of Windows. License costs vary based on the number of supported video cards.

About Passcovery

Passcovery Co. Ltd. supplies high-speed, professional software solutions for recovering lost passwords. The first versions of these solutions were released in 1999. Today, the company’s software is successfully used by law enforcement, government agencies, corporations and private individuals around the world.

AccentRPR Page: RAR Password Recovery with GPU Accelerating here
AccentZPR Page: ZIP Password Recovery with GPU Accelerating here

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