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Fast Recovery of WinZip Passwords May 2010. The AccentSoft Team has released Accent ZIP Password Recovery 1.0, the newest product in its line of popular password recovery solutions using ATI/NVIDIA graphics cards. Accent ZIP Password Recovery restores AES-encrypted WinZip passwords.

With WinZip 9, the archiving program switched from classic Zip protection to the newer symmetric-key AES encryption. AES is serious encryption that can significantly slow the process of recovering lost passwords.

We at the AccentSoft Team understand the problem, so we created Accent ZIP Password Recovery 1.0 to offer maximum recovery speeds using your computer’s CPU and GPU.

Because it is optimized to adapt to the type and family of CPU on each computer, Accent ZIP Password Recovery offers maximum speeds during classic recovery of WinZip passwords using CPUs.

Then the program kicks up the speed by supporting two competing GPU processing technologies – ATI Stream and NVIDIA CUDA. Accent ZIP Password Recovery leverages the power of modern ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards to boost recovery speeds beyond everything else available on the market.

Recovering a WinZip 14 password using an ATI 5970 graphics card (1,150,000 passwords per second) is 30 times faster than the speed you get using an Intel i7-820 processor (36,500 passwords per second) and approximately 17 times faster than the Tableau TACC1441 hardware accelerator (65,000 passwords per second).

Lightning-fast speeds and a great price/performance ratio make Accent ZIP Password Recovery the best solution for all demanding users.

Licenses and Pricing

Accent ZIP Password Recovery is tested and guaranteed to run on all current versions of Microsoft Windows, from Windows XP back to 7. License prices depend on the number of graphics cards supported and start at just $30 for a Basic license.

About the AccentSoft Team

The AccentSoft Team has been developing software for the Windows environment since 1999 and specializes in Windows-based password recovery solutions. AccentSoft offers some of the best programs and online services in the market: Accent OFFICE Password Recovery, SnapTouch and

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