Fastest GPU Password Recovery for Microsoft Office 95-2013 and OpenOffice

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is faster and more effective than ever at recovering and removing passwords to all versions of Microsoft Office and OpenOffice files. Works up to 60 times faster than the competitors.

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is a completely revised version that employs new concepts to help you recover lost passwords to Microsoft Office and OpenOffice (LibreOffice) files faster than ever.

Key revisions:

  • Automated password recovery with pre-defined scenarios. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery applies optimal scenarios based on file format and the type of security used.
  • Uses sets of rules for dictionary attacks. The rules define the degree of password mutation and combine passwords from a variety of dictionaries. Finds unusual passwords like “pa55word” and “VeryStrongPassword1234” faster than ever.
  • Supports Unicode in dictionaries. Leveraging Unicode alongside ANSI encoding simplifies dictionary attacks with non-Latin characters and symbols.
  • Unlocks even more types of protection without spending time on password recovery (MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint 2007-2010-2013, VBA passwords to MS Word/Excel 95-2010-2013 files)
  • Improved support for multi-GPU systems powered by AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards.

All of these new features save you time, making Accent OFFICE Password Recovery easier to use and recovering passwords more effectively than ever. Whatever password you’ve lost, you can be sure that Accent OFFICE Password Recovery will get it for you as quickly and easily as possible.

Key Features

  • Supports Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint files
  • Supports OpenOffice: Writer, Calc, Impress, Base, Draw, Math files
  • Leverages GPU to recover passwords up to 60 times faster than CPU alternatives
  • Supports NVIDIA graphics cards with CUDA technology (eighth generation GeForce graphics cards and later)
  • Supports AMD graphics cards with Stream/OpenCL technology (4XXX and later family AMD graphics cards)
  • Lets you use more than one graphics card on the same computer
  • Recovers a wide variety of passwords:
    • Password to open OpenOffice Writer (.odt, .ott), OpenOffice Calc (.ods, .sxc), OpenOffice Impress (.odp, .sxi), OpenOffice Base (.odt, .ott), OpenOffice Draw (.odg, .sxd), OpenOffice Math (.odf, .sxm) (choose from three types of attack for successful password recovery)
    • Passwords to open MS Excel (.xls, .xlsx), MS PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx) and MS Word (.doc, .docx) files (choose from three types of attack for successful password recovery)
    • Microsoft Access (.mdb) passwords (instant password recovery)
    • Passwords to modify MS Excel and MS Word files (instant crack)
    • MS Excel spreadsheet passwords (instant crack)
    • VBA passwords in Microsoft Office files (instant VBA password crack)
  • Choose from three types of attack: brute force, mask and dictionary attacks
  • Graphic interface is easy to learn and use;
  • Runs on Windows 7 and earlier systems all the way back to Windows 95.

Supported Formats and Password Types

Versions: Password to open: Password to modify: VBA Password:
MS Access 6.0 •* - •*
97-2003 •* - •*
2007 C - -
2010 G - -
MS Excel 2-5 •* - -
6-95 •* •* •*
97-2003 C •* •*
2007-2010 G •* •*
2013-2021 G •* •*
MS PowerPoint XP-2003 C •* -
2007 G •* •*
2010 G •* •*
2013-2021 G •* •*
MS Word 2-5 •* - -
6-95 •* •* •*
97-2003 C •* •*
2007-2010 G •* •*
2013-2021 G •* •*
OpenOffice 1.1 - 4.x G - -
LibreOffice 3.3b-7.x G - -
•* - instant recovery   •* - instant removes   C - CPU recovery   G - GPU recovery   - - not supported

Try out all the features of Accent OFFICE Password Recovery with our absolutely free demo version.

Get Even More Features

Want more from your Office password remover? Register your copy of Accent OFFICE Password Recovery and get:

  • Unlimited functionality (demo version displays only two first symbols in the password)
  • Free updates within current version
  • Free online tech support
  • Instantly receive email registration number once your payment is processed

The cost of the full version of Accent OFFICE Password Recovery depends on the features included:

    Home License Business License
Microsoft Office 95 CPU CPU
Microsoft Office 97-2003 CPU CPU
Microsoft Office 2007 CPU CPU
Microsoft Office 2010 CPU CPU
Microsoft Office 97-2013 CPU CPU
OpenOffice 1-4 CPU CPU
1 year of free updates
Free technical support
Personal home use (1 PC)
Corporate use (1 PC)
    Buy for 60 $ Buy for 90 $

Secure online payment. We accept credit cards via our secure online form, as well as by fax or phone. We also accept checks, PayPal, wire transfers and corporate purchase orders.

Fastest Password Recovery for Office 95-2013

The latest version of Accent OFFICE Password Recovery uses a highly optimized proprietary search algorithm to crack hard-to-recover passwords. Now faster than ever, Accent OFFICE Password Recovery offers powerful password recovery tools at speeds its competitors can only dream about.

Search speeds for MS Word 97-2000 text documents: details

With the fastest speeds for cracking hard-to-recover passwords to open MS Office files and unique, powerful technologies, Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is the indispensable tool for recovering lost passwords to files created using any version of Microsoft Office.

Password Recovery Extra

Learn more about how to effectively recovery lost passwords:

Have you forgotten or lost the password to open a Microsoft Office 95-2013 file? What about VBA passwords or passwords to modify? Or the password to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet?

Now you know what to do.

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery recovers lost passwords. User reviews – we have been creating password recovery software for over ten years.

Quick Info

Latest version: 23.03 (March 2, 2023)

  • Supporting NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 40 family of video cards (Ada Lovelace architecture)
  • Supporting GPU and APU of AMD Radeon™ RX 7000 series (RDNA™ 3 architecture)
  • Improved compatibility with the highest end (maximum performance) GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA
  • Increased speed of brute-force attack on password using SHA512 algorithm

Size: x64 – 10932 Kb

Platform: Microsoft WindowsWindows 11/10 and earlier versions of Windows

GPU technologies:

AccentOPR supports OpenCL AccentOPR supports NVIDIA CUDA


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