How to remove lost password for RAR/WinRAR archive

Need to remove RAR password ASAP?

AccentRPR - the fastest RAR/WinRAR password remover on GPU

Accent RAR Password Recovery recovers RAR passwords at the highest possible speed. The program is optimized for all Intel/AMD processors, accelerates greatly on AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards and offers a wide range of customization options. It supports archive files created in WinRar 2.90 - 5.x.

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Now let us get straight to the point. RAR has a very strong password protection algorithm. And removing RAR password may not be easy. The speed of brute force (search) while recovering RAR passwords is quite low and depends both on complexity of password and structure of a particular archive.

Luckily, graphics cards can handle RAR password. With the right program, you can boost the search by making it dozens of times faster.

Accent RAR Password Recovery is just the right program with many advantages:

  • supports RAR archives created in WinRar 2.90 and later versions (RAR3/RAR5)
  • maximum possible speed of password search on any CPU
  • GPU acceleration (boost) on AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards
  • various tweaks and tricks that reduce search time
  • simple interface and convenience of use right after installation

Can Accent RAR Password Recovery really help remove RAR password? Yes!

See this short video to learn what AccentRPR is for and how it works:

Smart tricks that help remove RAR password

All these features serve one task – to reduce the searching time. Accent RAR Password Recovery offers the following tricks:

  • three types of password attacks
  • automatic password search based on pre–set scenarios
  • custom RAR password searching scenarios
  • extended mask for generating passwords
  • programmable mutation of passwords from dictionaries

Supported Formats and Password Types

Protection Previously (RAR - RAR 2.x) AES (WinRAR 3.x-6.x)
Password to open: C/G
C - CPU recovery  G - GPU recovery   - not supported

Variety of password attacks

Here is a hack for everyone: apply different password attacks

Accent RAR Password Recovery offers three ways to recover your password: brute force attack, mask attack and dictionary attack. Each one has its pros and cons and demonstrates various efficiency depending on the specific case.

Automatic RAR password search

Useful tip for beginners: simply choose your rar file and click "Start"

Accent RAR Password Recovery evaluates configuration and performance of the computer and suggest a ready–made scenario. This scenario is a balanced algorithm optimized in terms of searching time, password attacks and the number of password strings covered.

Password searching scenarios

Hack for pros: customize your own scenario

A scenario defines a sequence based on which Accent RAR Password Recovery will attack RAR passwords: specific attacks, their number and all other parameters available. You are free to create, define, enable and execute any of your own scenarios.

Brute force attack with extended mask

Hack for pros: generate and test only those passwords the meet the defined pattern

Extended mask allows you to customize the password generation algorithm. The option lets you define which characters or charsets should be used as sources for each password symbol. Accordingly, Accent RAR Password Recovery will only test the customized number of password arrays (see examples).

Macro language to describe password mutation rules

Hack for pros: you should test all possible mutations of passwords from the dictionary

The integrated macro language describes password mutation rules to be applied during a dictionary attack. You can modify composition and case of passwords, add words and symbols, combine passwords from several dictionaries, and much more. For your convenience, AccentRPR has a visual "Rules Editor".

Want to remove RAR passwords at maximum speed? Piece of cake!

Engage your graphics cards.

The speed of a brute force attack even with a regular graphics card (let alone top–ranked GPUs) will always be higher than the speed of a brute force attack on the most advanced CPU.

Difference in speed of searching RAR passwords on CPU and GPU

Accent RAR Password Recovery is able to engage all AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards available in the system.

The more GPUs are engaged, the higher the searching speed.

High speed of searching RAR passwords on any computer

Accent RAR Password Recovery gets the most out of any CPU and brings you the maximum speed. For this purpose, the program has several modules optimized for various processors. AccentRPR identifies the available CPU and enables the appropriate module. That guarantees the best possible performance. At all times.

Keep that in mind and come back to Accent RAR Password Recovery as soon as you have compared it with other solutions.

Enjoy your life with Passcovery by saving more time for yourselves.


The demo version of AccentRPR comes with a number of restrictions:

  • displays only two first symbols in the password
  • attacks cannot be run longer than for 30 minutes
  • not saves a Password Recovery Status file
  • uses only single GPU device

To gain unrestricted access to all of the features of the program, choose a license based on your needs and usage:

    Home License Business License
RAR 3.x-5.x CPU CPU
1 year of free updates
Free technical support
Personal home use (1 PC)
Corporate use (1 PC)
    Buy for 40 $ Buy for 60 $

With an AccentRPR license you get:

  • Unrestricted access to all features
  • Free updates for one year
  • Free technical support

Payment is available via various online and offline methods. The full list of options depends on the region and is available on the order page. All transactions related to license purchases for software are secure and strictly confidential.

How to purchase the AccentRPR

Accent RAR Password Recovery Speed

Speeds on different types of systems:

Rar/WinRar cracking speed

* The measurement data obtained by searching the password length of 4 characters.


Full features list of Accent RAR Password Recovery, 23.03 AccentOPR Logo:

  • Fully supports RAR3/RAR5 archives (WinRAR 2.90 - WinRar 5.x)
  • High-speed recovery of password protection to RAR archives
  • Search engine contains highly optimized assembly code specially adapted to AMD and Intel processors
  • Supports NVIDIA graphics cards with CUDA technology (eighth generation GeForce video cards and later)
  • Supports AMD(ATI) video cards with Stream/OpenCL technology (5XXX - R9/RX family AMD graphics cards)
  • Recovers RAR passwords up to 40 times faster with GPU technology
  • Works three ways, using brute force, mask and dictionary attacks
  • Offers the option of automated password recovery using preset parameters
  • Lets the user set password mutation rules for dictionary attacks
  • Lets the user set scenarios for brute-force attack
  • Fully supports the command line
  • Graphic interface is easy to use
  • Runs on Windows 7 and early Windows systems
  • Great SecurityApplication with $ 40.00 for

User Ratings

See what people are saying about Accent RAR Password Recovery and share your own opinion.

: Easy to use, do his job, nothing to declare...

: Very effective. I had a RAR file with a 6 character password. Told software to select method automatically. Found password inside 5 minutes!

: Absolutely the best of the best software. Compared to other ones, this one is a lot faster. To recover 5 chars took me 11 minutes on Dual-GPU + Xeon X5 series box. Loved it, keep up good work!

: I think this is a very efficient product.

: The software is excellent. It works 100% I was just uncluttering my system.

: AccentRPR is a very good product, technically very effective, and very fast. I have tried 4 differents products and this one is, far away, the fastest (>5100 pw/s) with a i7 3930K Intel CPU + a nVidia GTX 670. Never the less, dont expect to find passwords of length > 7 using brutal force, because it will take you years of calculation. This product is very good for short passwords and for dictionnaries attacks.

Total Scores: 5 stars with 6 reviews

Technical Support

Want to learn how to use Accent Password Recovery products? Find the answers here.

Our website contain a AccentRPR User's Manual. Please, learn it.

Have a suggestion, question or request about any of our software? Contact our Service Team for a rapid response.

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* Service Team response times vary depending on request volume, the complexity of a given request and the time of day the request was received. We usually respond within 24 hours Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and holidays.

Passcovery Suite

Looking for more? You need Passcovery Suite — a multi-format premium tool for password recovery on AMD and NVIDIA video cards.

Passcovery Suite supports Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents, Zip and Rar archives, Apple and Blackberry backups, encrypted TrueCrypt volumes and WPA/WPA2 handshakes. The software works on AMD/NVIDIA video cards and guarantees the highest possible password recovery speed on any computer.

More about Passcovery Suite

NB: Passcovery Suite uses a RAR password recovery module and an interface that are identical to those used in AccentRPR.

Passcovery Suite

Ищите большего? Вам нужна Passcovery Suite — мультиформатная премиум утилита для восстановления паролей на видеокартах AMD и NVIDIA.

Passcovery Suite поддерживает документы:

  • Adobe PDF
  • Microsoft Office и OpenOffice
  • архивы Zip и Rar
  • бэкапы Apple и Blackberry
  • зашифрованные тома TrueCrypt
  • WPA/WPA2 хендшейк

Программа работает на видеокартах AMD/NVIDIA (десятикратные ускорения в сравнении с CPU) и гарантирует максимальную скорость поиска паролей на любом вашем компьютере.

Подробнее о Passcovery Suite

NB: Passcovery Suite использует модуль восстановления паролей Adobe PDF и интерфейс аналогичные AccentPPR.

Quick Info

Version 23.03 от 2 Марта 2023

  • Supporting NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 40 family of video cards (Ada Lovelace architecture)
  • Supporting GPU and APU of AMD Radeon™ RX 7000 series (RDNA™ 3 architecture)
  • Improved compatibility with the highest end (maximum performance) GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA

Size: x64 – 9380 Kb

Platform: Microsoft Windows supportedWindows 11/10 and earlier versions of Windows

GPU technologies:

AccentOPR supports OpenCL AccentOPR supports NVIDIA CUDA


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