Accent WORD Password Recovery

Recover lost Microsoft Word 95/97/2000/2003/2007/2010/2013 password Accent WORD Password Recovery rapidly retrieves lost passwords to files created in Microsoft Word 95/97/2000/2003/2007/2010/2013.

Instantly crack VBA passwords and passwords to modify Word files. To retrieve passwords to open Word files, Accent WORD Password Recovery utilizes three powerful types of attack: dictionary, brute force and mask.

The software’s graphic interface makes getting started fast and easy, and the context hints and user notes streamline the process.

Download the trial version and try it out. Buy the full version and see for yourselves how easily Accent WORD Password Recovery will crack Word passwords.

What you get with Accent WORD Password Recovery

The demo version of Accent WORD Password Recovery will fully demonstrate all features of the program. The demo is available absolutely for free. The features include:

  • compatibility with Microsoft Word 97, Word 2000, Word XP, Word 2003, Word 2007, Word 2010 and Word 2013
  • the program supports different password types:
    • password to open a document (with three attack types for successful recovery)
    • password to modify (instant password recovery)
    • VBA password protecting a VBA project (instant VBA password recovery)
  • three attack types: Brute force attack, mask and dictionary-based attacks;
  • Task Creator Wizard – a step-by-step mechanism for creating complex tasks;
  • easy-to-use and user-friendly graphical interface;
  • operation under Windows 7 and earlier Windows editions up to Windows 95.

Accent WORD Password Recovery is a perfect solution to the problem of a lost Word password. Yet we recommend using software that easily handles Microsoft Office 95 – 2013 and OpenOffice documents and also features GPU computing with AMD and NVIDIA GPUs.

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Supported Formats and Password Types

Microsoft Word
Password to open: •*CC
Password to modify: •* •* •**
VBA Password: •* •*•**
•*- instant recovery  •**- instant removes   C - CPU recovery   - not supported

How to get more from Accent WORD Password Recovery

You can try out all features of the software with the demo version absolutely for free. And you can get more! Buying the full version of Accent WORD Password Recovery and get the following:

  • a copy of the program without any restrictions (the demo version does not crack passwords with more than 4 characters)
  • a 40% discount for the home edition
  • secured channel for online purchasing
  • your registration key will be emailed instantly upon payment transaction
  • various payment modes: credit cards (online, by fax or phone), cheques, PayPal or bank transfers

The cost of the full version of Accent WORD Password Recovery

    Home License Business License
Microsoft Word 95 CPU CPU
Microsoft Word 97-2003 CPU CPU
Microsoft Word 2007-2021 CPU CPU
1 year of free updates
Free technical support
Personal home use (1 PC)
Corporate use (1 PC)


We developed Accent WORD Password Recovery to be the most powerful, convenient tool for retrieving lost Microsoft Word passwords.

If you’ve lost the password to a Microsoft Word file, relax! Accent WORD Password Recovery is the solution to your problem. Trust us, we’ve been creating password recovery software since 1999.


Accent OFFICE Password Recovery gives you even more options and faster speeds. Get full support for Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word and OpenOffice suite, plus speeds up to 10 times faster using GPU computing on AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards.

Quick Info

Latest version: 23.03 от 1 Марта 2023

  • support for Microsoft Word 2021 documents
  • internal code enhancements
  • full Windows 11 compatibility

Size: 7652 Kb

: Microsoft Windows 7 supportedWindows 11/10 and earlier versions of Windows


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