Word Password Cracker for Word 95-2021

Main features for any word password cracker:

  • Supports Microsoft Word 95-2021
  • Expanded options for cracking Password to Open documents created in Word 97 and higher
  • Instantly recovers or removes:
    • Password to Modify
    • VBA password
    • Password to Open documents created in Microsoft Word 6-95/97(French Edition)
  • Improved password recovery speed – up to ten times faster depending on CPUs

Get it all with our Word password cracker - Accent WORD Password Recovery.


Why do I need a Word password cracker?

We’ve seen it all in our ten years developing password recovery software, but here are the most common reasons people need to recover the passwords to Word documents:

  • You forgot the password to an old Microsoft Word document
  • A departing employee fails to provide you with the password to a company document
  • A disgruntled employee places unsanctioned passwords on company documents

When the unthinkable happens, you need a quality Microsoft Word password cracker. You need Accent WORD Password Recovery.

Accent WORD Password Recovery Features

  • Supports Microsoft Word 95-2021 documents
  • Supports many types of passwords:
    • Passwords to Open Word 95 documents (instant crack)
    • Passwords to Open Word 97-2021 documents (choose from three types of attack)
    • Passwords to Modify any Word documents (instant crack)
    • VBA (macros) password for Microsoft Word documents (instant crack for VBA passwords)
  • Brute force, mask and dictionary attacks
  • Graphic interface is easy to learn and use
  • Works with all Windows operating systems from Windows 8 back to Windows 95, including Vista/7.

Accent WORD Password Recovery is up to ten times faster than previous versions of our Word password cracker at recovering passwords to open documents created in Microsoft Word 97-2021.

Try out all the features of Accent WORD Password Recovery with our absolutely free demo version:


Want more from Accent WORD Password Recovery? Purchase the full version and get:

  • Unrestricted access to all features (demo displays only two first symbols in the password)
  • 40% discount for home use
  • Free updates for one year
  • Free online tech support
  • Secure online payment form
  • Instantly receive email registration key once your payment is processed
  • Convenient payment via secure online form using credit card or PayPal

Purchase an Accent WORD Password Recovery home license for 40 $ or a corporate license for 60 $.

Seek a fast Word password cracker?

Confronted with an unsanctioned password? Lost or forgot the password to open a Microsoft Word 95-2021 document, Word VBA password or password to modify? Accent WORD Password Recovery can recover any of these passwords quickly.

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Quick Info

Latest version: 23.03 от 1 Марта 2023

  • support for Microsoft Word 2021 documents
  • internal code enhancements
  • full Windows 11 compatibility

Size: 7652 Kb

: Microsoft Windows 7 supportedWindows 11/10 and earlier versions of Windows


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