AccentSoft Team Updates Password Recovery Tools Site

16 March 2005

AccentSoft's password recovery tools site (, devoted to tools for recovering forgotten or lost passwords for Microsoft Office documents, now has a new design. A more concisely-organized and brightly-colored design makes it easier to comprehend the information presented on the site.

The informational content has been enhanced with the HTML version of the unified help file that comes with the password recovery software presented on the site. The product line has also been expanded with beta versions implementing the advanced features of brute-force attacks by masks and dictionary-based attacks.

Software prices vary from $25.00 to $66.45 depending on the features of each specific program, license type and delivery method.

The AccentSoft Team is a small, privately-owned software development company specializing in developing solutions for password recovery and processing digital photos both for corporate and home use. The company was founded in 1999 and is widely known for such products as Accent ACCESS Password Recovery, Accent Money Password Recovery, and SnapTouch.