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crack office password Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is an “all-in-one“ tool that helps you recover lost or forgotten passwords to your documents created in Microsoft Office 95-2010 applications: Access, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Some types of password can be instantly restored (Excel VBA password for example). For other passwords there are three attack types including a brute force attack with a mask and advanced options while attacking using a dictionary. Start recovering passwords immediately with the easy-to-use graphical interface which includes context help, Task Creation Wizard and a step-by-step tutorial

Supported Formats and Password Types

Versions: Password to open: Password to modify: VBA Password:
MS Access 6.0 •* - •*
97-2003 •* - •*
2007 C - -
2010 G - -
MS Excel 2-5 •* - -
6-95 •* •* •*
97-2003 C •* •*
2007-2010 G •* •*
2013-2016 G •* •*
MS PowerPoint XP-2003 C •* -
2007 G •* •*
2010 G •* •*
2013 G •* •*
MS Word 2-5 •* - -
6-95 •* •* •*
97-2003 C •* •*
2007-2010 G •* •*
2013-2016 G •* •*
OpenOffice 1.1 - 4.x G - -
LibreOffice 3.3b-6.x G - -
•* - instant recovery   •* - instant removes   C - CPU recovery   G - GPU recovery   - - not supported

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery features an Advanced Mask Composer for specifying a mask: you can specify the range of possible values individually for each position in the password that will be generated.

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery also has an Advanced Dictionary Manager for a dictionary-based attack. It is a dictionary manager that allows you to search several dictionaries one by one for the password. It is transforming passwords from the dictionary and adding digits to them.

According to the test results Accent OFFICE Password Recovery holds the speed record in recovering tough passwords (passwords to open). Find out more.

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is distributed as shareware (try before buy). The unregistered version has only one limitation: the maximum length of a recovered password is 4 characters. This limitation is removed by registering your copy. Registration price is 60 $ for home using and 90 $ for business.

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microsoft office passwordsAlso we provide a line of separate (therefore less expencive) tools: Access Password recovery, Excel Password recovery, Word Password recovery and Money Password recovery.

Quick Info

Latest version: 9.7 (October 5, 2018)
+ increased speed of password recovery on graphics cards
+ new graphics cards supported
+ perceptible acceleration of searching passwords of Microsoft Office 2013 on graphics cards
+ accelerated searching for 40-bit encryption key of Microsoft Office 97-2003 on a greater number of AMD graphics cards
+ improved handling of ODF 1.2 LibreOffice files
+ improved support for Microsoft Office 2013 documents
! improved stability and overall quality of the program internal structure

Size: 9624 Kb - x86
       11408 Kb - x64

Platform: Microsoft WindowsWindows 10/8/7/Vista and earlier versions of Windows

OFFICE Password Recovery supports ATI Stream OFFICE Password Recovery supports NVIDIA CUDA


OFFICE Password Recovery : main window OFFICE Password Recovery : task setup window
     Main window            Task Setup

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