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Accent OFFICE Password Recovery CSE (Client-Server Edition) – is a business-oriented solution featuring a distributed searching technology used for recovering passwords to Microsoft Office 2007 or its earlier editions (in MS Office 2003 compatibility mode) within a corporate local network.

By choosing AOFPR CSE you get:

Use the power of your local network to the most while searching for a lost password with Accent OFFICE Password Recovery CSE.

Client-server technology
The only operating principle of the client/server technology is the following: the local network consists of one server-program and several client applications. . Once the connection between them has been established they start interacting within one common task. The server determines status of the current task, evaluates its progress and provides clients with new data for computing.

With a few mouse clicks you can arrange and start a whole search mechanism within your corporate network in order to find the lost password. As many computers can be involved as you like. And all of them will be working on one task managed by Accent OFFICE Password Recovery CSE.

Isolated operation
If necessary each copy of the program can operate individually working on a separate task and function as a server. This enables a user to establish several local networks through specifying different ports for each connection.

Supported formats and types of passwords

Passwords to open docs in Microsoft Word 6/95/97 (French Edition)
Passwords to open docs in Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP/2003/2007
Passwords to modify in Microsoft Word 6/95/97/2000/XP/2003/2007
Passwords to open in spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP/2003/2007
Passwords to modify in spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP/2003/2007
Passwords to open databases in Microsoft Access 6/95/97/2000/XP/2003/2007
Microsoft Access VBA passwords
Excel VBA passwords
Word VBA passwords
– instant password recovery
– hardly-cracked passwords (three types of attack)
Microsoft Office 2007 docs are only supported if saved in Microsoft Office 97-2003 compatibility mode.

Three attack types
Accent OFFICE Password Recovery CSE features three types of attack on a lost password: the brute-force attack, attack with a mask (derived from a brute-force attack) and the dictionary-based attack. The last two attack types have extended password generating features. More about password recovery methods..

Advanced Mask Composer
With an advanced visual mechanism for specifying a mask you can specify the range of possible values individually for each position in the password that will be generated. This helps you save time sifting out wrong password variations.

Advanced Dictionary Manager
The dictionary-based attack consists in administering and transforming dictionaries and word forms. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery CSE enables to set a list of dictionaries for consecutive search among all possible word forms. Along the search process word forms undergo transformations: changing the register, omitting and transposing characters, adding digits to them. All that increases the chances of success through the dictionary-based attack – the fastest password cracking method.

Task creation wizard
Our Task creation wizard enables you to quickly set a task no matter how complicated it might be. The Wizard will take you through a step-by-step process of task creation before it starts restoring the password to your Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel document. It turns out such tasks are easily specified even by a first-timer.

User-friendly interface
And of course graphic interface. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery CSE combines minimalistic style with being highly-informative. All the necessary information is right at hand, task creation process is facilitated by the task creation wizard and program settings are simple and easily adjustable. Screenshots

The program is totally operable under Microsoft Windows Vista as well as earlier versions of Windows (up to Windows 95). We create solutions involving all your computers so you could deploy a full-scale distributed search system restoring passwords to MS Office applications.

Quick Info

Latest version 1.00 beta (от 20 Мая 2009)
+ a new Microsoft Office password recovery tool based on task distribution system is being beta tested right now.

Size: 797 Kb
Platform: Windows Vista and earlier versions of Windows



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