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Accent RAR Password Recovery Updates: more time savings, multivolume RAR archives and new GPUs

St.Petersburg, Russia (April 4, 2014) — Passcovery announces Accent RAR Password Recovery, its solution for professional recovery of RAR/WinRar archive passwords on AMD/NVIDIA video cards. The software now supports multivolume RAR archives in RAR3 format, with improved speeds for large archives on fast GPUs and new support for Maxwell-based NVIDIA cards.

Passcovery, a developer of high-speed password search software, is proud to announce release of version 3.20 of Accent RAR Password Recovery, the company's solution for recovery of RAR archive passwords.

The company's specialists set out to optimize handling of complicated archives in the new version and have accomplished impressive results.

Accent RAR Password Recovery now supports multivolume archives created in RAR3 format. Handling these archives is incredibly easy, with the options intuitively clear even to less experienced computer users. The program combines all of the archive parts into a single RAR file and proceeds to attack the password of the combined file.

Top-of-the-line GPUs are now leveraged better in Accent RAR Password Recovery when attacking multigigabyte RAR files. A new configuration option reduces the workload on the CPU and RAM, which in turn reduces the idle time of high-speed GPUs and increases brute force speed.

Also significant in the this Accent RAR Password Recovery update is support for NVIDIA cards based on the new Maxwell™ graphics architecture, which combines astounding performance with unsurpassed energy efficiency.

About the RAR format

The RAR data compression format is a popular format for archiving large amounts of data with reliable password protection. The format designers built a complicated scheme for data protection that requires enormous computing and time resources for password validity to be tested. Multiple versions of the format exist: RAR3 and the more modern RAR5.

About Accent RAR Password Recovery

Accent RAR Password Recovery recovers passwords for RAR archives in RAR3/RAR5 format created in WinRar 2.90 or later. To save time searching for passwords, AccentRPR makes use of improved password attacks, unique source code optimization, and support for AMD/NVIDIA GPUs.

About Company

Passcovery Co. Ltd. is a provider of high-speed, professional software solutions for password recovery, which also support GPU acceleration on AMD and NVIDIA video cards. The earliest versions of these software products were released in 1999. Now the applications are successfully used by governmental bodies, investigation agencies, corporations, private businesses, and home users all over the world.

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